Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are funny, cute and lovable characters. We have put together a few fun facts about your little pet guinea pigs.

  1. Guinea Pigs love company. Its best to keep them in either pairs or groups. If guinea pigs are kept in groups in their guinea pig cage they will be much happier and livelier.
  2. Guinea Pigs have teeth that never stop growing. Hay helps them wear their teeth down. You can put the hay in a hay feeder on the guinea pig cage so they can always have hay available to them.
  3. Guinea Pigs love to hide. The reason they like this so much is because guinea pigs in the wild need to hide. It gives them a sense of safety from their predators.
  4. Guinea Pigs love attention. By taking them out of their guinea pig cage and grooming them is a great way to bond with your little pet.
  5. If you love to spoil your guinea pig you should give it some treats. You can try some carrot or the wide selection of treats on our website.


7617063 - two guinea pigs in a house on the grass